A person should be relaxed, comfortable and open-minded. It is natural to have a sense of nervousness but excessive and extreme form of tension creates a barrier interrupting the intense flow of energy preventing the reading from being successful. 
If you are overly skeptical or upset about a situation or something, you would have already closed doors to your soul which makes it difficult for a psychic to overcome the barrier. It is important that you are willing and consenting to allow the course of a psychic reading "to psychically look" into your soul and understand or interpret related issues that you maybe experiencing.
A successful psychic reading is a two way interaction, with a psychic in a concentrated state and where the individual becomes aware of issues and asks related questions, this will effectively direct the reading to satisfaction of the curiosity of the individual.
A psychic reading which has a specific direction and focus which is initiated by the individual will usually be a more satisfactory reading for the individual than a "general" reading which has no real focus.

Having realistic expectations
A psychic reading is made up of psychic information that comes in flashes, of bits and pieces of flashing information similar to moments in life that we experience and interrupt as our day’s events.
As a psychic I receive life's information in fragments and must interpret and relay the information to the individual. A psychic cannot see an individual’s life from birth to death of the individual. The best that a psychic can achieve in any reading is to confirm what is happening in your life at the moment and act accordingly. No psychic can foresee all aspects of your life, and they do not have the ability to make your problems disappear, or make your dreams come true. I merely can promise a few valuable insights into an individual’s life as well as clarity to give the opportunity for making better decisions for the individual’s best and highest interest of their circumstances.
 Remember, a psychic reading gives you guidance on your life and the rest is up to you.

Ask for clarification when needed
If you don't understand or you are confused about something during a reading, you must ask for clarification.  Information that is relayed via “psychic language”, the guides or presence of person that have crossed over will relay information in pieces and is not easily understood. I present the information as is.  It is important for an individual to clarify and reaffirm the information as we go along in the reading because your guides or loved ones that have passed over do not stay very long, so you can also have an interaction by asking questions if you want to know or clarify something from them.