Spiritual Medium, becomes a conduit or channel, for departed spirits or guides to communicate through with the living, and like wise, for relatives to ask questions of the spirits via the medium. It is also a method used to obtain wisdom and information about the higher planes of existence from evolved spirit guides.

People ask me are you like John Edward, and the answer is “yes”.  As a psychic medium I can get in touch with loved ones on the other side.  Like John Edward I never know what will come through, but I do present it just as it comes through me.  It may be important for people to bring resolution and closure with departed loved ones. Those that do can gain a healing of the heart and peace of mind.
There is a mystery all around us, a part of this mystery is our connection to much more than we see and normally experience.
Those who have crossed over want to connect and answer the questions we may have of them. They want us to know that they are safe and in a good place.  However, it is best not to have expectations when having a session. We need to come with an open heart and mind so we can receive what they wish to express or to resolve. You just never know what will come through.
In a session it can be we are asking for a specific person to come through, but another soul or even a number of souls may want to connect. We need to respect the process and allow the information to come and be relayed as it is received.

We are here on this earth plane and they are on the spiritual plane, on the other side, and that brings different vibrations of energy between us. This is not as easy as some people think, it is not like talking on the phone. As a medium I need to adjust my vibrations and connect to both realms at the same time and to allow whatever impressions there are to be brought forth. This is like tuning into a different radio frequency, to another station. Their impressions from the other side may manifest through words, emotions, sounds, smells, pictures or just a general sense of things to me and I pass onto you their wishes.   The whole process is helped if we receive the information in a climate of openness and gratitude.