As a child I had many strange, unexplainable and uninterruptible experiences, which continued and still occurs, throughout my life. I was very aware as a child of the existence of a guiding force that allowed me to experience the feelings, thoughts and emotions of other persons around me. To a point of experiencing visions of incidents proven later to be true. Being a child I was unaware of this force until my teenage years when I could correlate my inner experiences with that of an incident in reality either to myself or an individual that I had been in contact with or was about to meet.

My 20’s was a revelation of this gifted psychic ability (which I believe was bestowed at birth when I was born with a veil/caul ), I am really privileged to experience and at the same time its a humbling experience for me to share a vision, an emotion or an inner experience of others with them which most often focuses on the positive attributes, the past, present and the future but usually also focuses on their hardships, sufferings, loneliness and a vast array of other emotions.

I have the ability to use an individual’s own energy to do a reading for them like for example the individual’s voice vibration is used to tune into their souls and life’s happenings effortlessly by me. I am receptive and highly sensitive to the natural environment from which I am able to obtain a multitude of information from vibrations, images, voices, pictures and visions. I am able to experience and interpret information from the guiding forces in an individual’s life, which most often is a person that was previously a part of the individual’s life and has passed on. My other precious guiding tools are my Tarot and Angel Cards that are able to provide me with further insight into individuals past, present and future. I am fortunate to have the many heavenly proofs that enforce my psychic abilities with visitations from angels, spirits, premonitions, dreams and images as resources providing a wealth of information and experience to interpret to the individual.

My client’s are a broad spectrum of individuals from all walks of life and varied religious affiliations. I have consulted with clients internationally, which includes readings for celebrities. The South African Police and private investigators are my other usual clients that most often seek my assistance on matters relating to criminal matters for leads in their cases. Other psychics are part of my cliental that seek my assistance on spiritual and a psychic healing session that may at times be necessary should they be unable to carry out readings.

I would like to give to you a gift of insight into your life to help you overcome any obstacles or incident, to provide you with the wisdom and help on your life’s path to attain long term Happiness and Fulfillment. My advice is that every client must be prepared to hear the truth, and me being selective, to tell you only what you choose to hear, destroys my ability to work effectively. I am extremely confidential, gentle and honest with my readings, which is guided by a strict code of conduct.
This precious gift bestowed onto me must be used to empower others. My mission is to welcome each and every one of you to a journey with me in celebrating life with the healing of the mind, body and soul.