Code of Ethics/Privacy Policy
Please note: some people experience emotional, mental, physical or spiritual healing during a psychic process. It is a mysterious happening. One should not expect this to necessarily happen, but it can happen.

  • All clients are dealt with on a professional basis.
  • My commitment is to provide and maintain the highest trust and confidence with each client.
  • All personal information is held in complete confidence.
  • There is never any sale of personal information to any third party.

All readings are for persons 16 years or older.

  • The information and insights that come through me are given so clients may make better decisions in their lives. I bare no responsibility for the actions or non-actions taken by my clients through the interpretation of information given at the time of the reading.
  • The information given is not meant to replace legal, medical, psychological or other professional services or advice.
  • I do not give a 100% guarantee, as life is ever changing and people's decisions vary.