Everyone is psychic to some degree using the natural intuitive or sixth sense that is inherent in all of us. We all are using our psychic abilities all the time, for example when we have a sense about a person or a situation, when we have a "gut feeling", or when we know who is calling on the phone before we answer it.

A psychic is sensitive to an individual’s aura by existence of the electrical, magnetic and other energies that emanates from the individual. A psychic usually is able to access information from the emotional, physical and spiritual parts of the aura. The aura of an individual contains all the information about a person's life’s experiences that facilitates a psychic reading and directing it accurately. A psychic also uses the natural ability to be aware of non-verbal communications by reading an individuals, body language, facial expression and dress sense.

Your soul is a true energy of your image that was created by God, I read the energy of a client, which is the energy of the soul. As a psychic I need to respect the energy of the individual, which means to respect you as a person.
Your soul is the centre to a psychic pathway, of psychic energy and information about the individual which is connected to your soul, is transmitted through the individual’s body to the conscious mind of the individual. The higher self is a natural connection to that of its Source being a spiritual sense, which allows me to psychically read people with whom I am in contact with.