Telephone readings are slightly more intense in the energy field, because I am not psychically with the person but connect with them only on a spiritual level. I sense your energy through the vibrations of your voice.  My energy and the client’s energy connect on a soul level. I am still able to connect with your guides, guardian angels and people that have passed over. While doing the reading the person would be able to sense or feel the energy flow. It is like someone is watching over you.

A telephonic reading can be done whether you live in South Africa or across the world. 

How Is a Telephonic Reading Done :

You first have to deposit money into the bank account, once done, you then contact me to inform me, so I will give you an appointment date & time for your reading. 


Standard Bank

Account Holder’s Name :  D.Kalicharan

Branch No: 057827

Account No. : 634404164 

Amount : R 800.00 

Duration :  45 min